American Indian

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1937 – 1939
Date from edge code on film. // Hopi House. Grand Canyon. Native American dance with two men. Drummer outside. Various shots of larger group of Indians dancing. About 10 Indians ascend ladder, dance on house top. Large groups of drummers and dancers. Notes on reel, 'Hopi House. Grand Canyon. Eagle Dance, posed. Comanche Dance, posed. Comanche Dance Pueblo of San Ildefonso. Deer Dance. S. Ildefonso.'
Shot of Hopi House, a multilevel stone building. (Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona) Four men, two dancers and two drummers, perform in Native American dress. Shots of a different dance. A group of dancers performing around a cross. Male and female dancers performing. Dancers performing on a platform. A procession of dancers, followed by drummers. [End of Reel]

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