The Ladies Travel South, 1928--Edward Farrington Abbott--home movies. Reel 3

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Amateur: Travel scenes in Florida resort towns. NHF cataloguer's notes, 1/96: (11 min.; film has red tint) Shipwreck. Women pretend to scream. Hurricane aftermath: trees blown down, limbs stripped off trees. Evergaldes. Sugar plantation. Jungle on Okheechokee Lake. Canal. Brighton Farm Inn. Orange grove. Tarpon Springs. Shore scene. Cat. Ship hauling in sponges. 'The colored boys dive for pennies.' St. Petersburg. Palm trees. Two cars cross in front of camera. Tampa. Rock fountain. Bridge. Peacock behind fence. Orlando. Silver Springs. Park and 'glass bottomed boats.' Bridge. Tallahassee. Canopy of trees over roads. Multiple street scenes. Hunting reserve. Women golfing. Men walking down marble steps. Goats. 'The girls College of Art and Music.' Brick building with fountains. Manicured lawn.

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