Florida/Panama to Tahiti, 1936-1937--Adelaide Pearson--home movies. Reel 1

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1936 – 1937
Reel label: 'Florida to Tahiti.' Can label: 'Panama to Tahiti 1936-1937.'
View of waves from a ship. A passing steam ship. (Film changes to black and white) A life jacket drill on ship. Panama Canal passage as viewed from the cruise ship, including shots of the locks and rail engines tugging the vessel through. A float plane flying overhead. (Film changes to color) View from ship of islands, including cranes on shore. A waterfall. Shot of water and islands over the bow of the ship. A woman (Adelaide Pearson) with a camera standing in the water. Panning shot of the beach. Seabird. A man with a crown, fake beard and trident (Neptune) as part of the ‘Crossing the line/equatorial baptism’. (Ceremony for crossing the equator.) Men in a pool on deck. Neptune initiating 'shellbacks' (b&w). Marine iguanas, boobies, pelicans, flightless cormorants. Names and dates painted on the cliffs. Panning shot of cliffs. Sailors catching an iguana. Close up of the iguana. Panning shot of islands. People disembarking rowboats. Palm trees and mountains. (Film changes to color) A small island. Shot of shoreline and mountains. Shots of the waves and palm trees. [End of Reel]

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