[Unidentified—home movies] Reel 6

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Hockey. Intertitle: “THIS TEAM, ‘THE BOYS’ PLAYED HARD.” followed by shot of boys’ team. Intertitle: “BUT THIS TEAM, ‘THE FACULTY’ WON.” followed by shot of faculty team. Footage of game. Suited young men gather in group on steps of a building, walk by camera one at a time, and then puts a shovel of dirt around a tree they are planting. Lines of children march in formation, each student handed rolled scroll tied with ribbon (diploma). Groups of children pose for the camera, holding scrolls. Various individual students stand and pose for the camera. Men work on a roof. View of grounds with paper lanterns hanging. Student campers wash dishes, camera shows view of tents set up in the woods. Mountains and landscape. Hiking, baseball, swimming. Intertitle: “VACATION AT LAKE GEORGE 1932” ; Intertitle: “THE ADIRONDACKS” followed by students gathered on a lawn. A group plays music. More tree planting festivities. Boxing. Boys look to receive pins or some type of small reward.

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