[Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 1

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Amateur footage. Viewing notes as follows (reel numbers are NHF-assigned). 1. (1961) Veazie snow scene. Volkswagen (VW) under snow. Dog named Tick. Christmas. Doing the twist (dancing).
Houses covered in snow. A person shoveling the driveway. Young women jumping in the snow. The women (Nancy, Linda and Gladys) shoveling. A dog running up the road. A man shoveling. A woman shoveling. The man (Walter) cleaning off a VW Beetle. A girl (Linda) trudging through the snow. The dog. A girl seated inside. Two young women dancing. A man (Walter) and a woman dancing. A girl dancing. The women and girl (Nancy, Linda, Susan and Gladys) dancing together. [End of Reel]
[From Susan Wells] Reel 1 (1961): - We moved from Pennsylvania to Maine in 1961 in time to see the famous snow storm of 1961/62. - View of house across the street in Veazie; Mr. Jenkins shoveling snow at his house on corner. -My sisters: Nancy in hat, Linda in kerchief, mother Gladys in white hat, father Walter digging out Nancy’s VW. - Susan playing w/cat; sisters doing twist in living room; parents dancing; Susan (aged 8) dancing.

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