[Albert Conley--home movies] Reel 43

Savannah, Georgia
Annapolis, Baltimore, Conowingo, Havre de Grace, Maryland
Becket, Massachusetts
New Hampshire
North Carolina
South Carolina
Washington, D.C
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Date range from edge codes on film. // Notes from film tag: 'Auto, old picture; Freeport to Georgia; Clermont; Tarr Family; Annapolis; Washington.' // ìThe Trip to Florida.î Car approaching bridge, likely over Piscataqua River. New Hampshire Route 1 sign with arrow to Boston. Massachusetts state line sign. Woman in car. Street with Tydol and Esso gas stations. Flock of Canada Geese up close. Automobile traffic. Woman beside sign ìSummit of Jacob's Ladder, Elevation 2300 ft.î View of the stone cairn at the summit of Jacob's Ladder in Becket. Family members pose in front of home. ìCrossing the Hudson River.î Shots of the river taken from boat/ferry. Pennsylvania Route 209 sign. Woman walking on sidewalk with dog. Elderly woman with white shawl. Stone Mason-Dixon Line marker at Pennsylvania border and marker on Maryland side of border. Route 222 signs in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Maryland state line sign. Conowingo Dam on the Susquehanna River. Automobile with 1929 Maine license plate. Deer Creek sign. Intertitle: ìWe meet many friends in Baltimore.î Children and parents in yard. Sign to Annapolis. Interior of Old Senate Chamber of the Maryland State House in Annapolis. Plaque commemorating spot where George Washington resigned position as Commander-In-Chief of the Continental Army. Exterior of Maryland State House. Unidentified building. Waterfront. Exterior of Naval Academy chapel and interior footage. Campus of Naval Academy. Woman beside canon. Man enters automobile. United States Capitol Building. Woman walks up Capitol steps. Dark scenic pans. Distant shot of Washington Monument. Brief shot of Smithsonian. National Museum of National History. Washington Monument closeup. Department of Agriculture building. Pan of unidentified building. Washington Monument. Lincoln Memorial with people skating in front of it. Pan. Department of Commerce? Footage of Capitol taken from top of Washington Monument. Woman in front of building. Cotton plants with bolls. Route 171 sign in Virginia. North Carolina state line sign. Man beside South Carolina state line sign. Route 701 sign in South Carolina. Rural log cabin-type building. Road with long bridge in distance. Scenes of poverty. Woman grabs child and hides from camera behind tree. Georgia state line sign. Back River sign. Savannah city limit sign. Savannah city scenes. Rural highway footage through swampland. // Note: the Jacob's Ladder cairn was built in 1910 to honor the opening of the Jacob's Ladder Trail through the Berkshires.

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