[Alexander Forbes—home movies] Reel 2, Accession 1902

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Can notes: "St. Jovite & Bethel, Feb. 1930. Skiing"
Views of people cross-country skiing in open, flat, snowy area, then in a wooded area. A group of dogs are attached to a dog-sled, and one is hard to control as it waits to go. Views of three sleds taking off and running through a wooded area as spectators watch. Shots of skier of varying abilities skiing downhill. People pulling tree branches into a pile in the snow, and starting a fire. Man with a hatchet chops branches. Women warm their hands and cook over the fire. Man takes film of the group kneeling by the fire. Several skiers come down slope and pose for the camera, another uses snowshoes, and a few try skiing over moguls. A ski course is set up on one hill, and skiers ski around "gates" made of tree limbs.

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