Abraham Katz--home movies. Boston fish business. Reel 55

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Outstanding Boston Working Waterfront Reel, about 4 minutes. Reel 55: Color, boat and water at Boston Harbor. Working waterfront, bucket unloads fish. Ice in hold. Nice footage of fish being unloaded in crate from canvas bucket. Pitch forking fish. Back of "Boston Fish Pier" sign with birds on cutout letters. Sign, "Dont Drive..." backwards, seen from reverse side? Closeups of tractor with fish crates being hauled. "Telegraph" sign next to fish on conveyor dropping into container. Then view of fish crates lifted into building. Silhouette of figures against window, too dark to make out. Could be in fish market? Outdoors, underexposed. New England Fish Exchange building Signs for Boston Fisheries Co. and Bay Fish Co. CU tractor hitches and other aspects of working apparatus, cart with wooden wheels, wooden barrels. Fish head. Reflections of water on boat. Signs for American Fish Company. The Atlantic Coast Fisheries Company.

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