Abraham Katz--home movies. Reels 51

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Reel 51: b&w Agfa title On shipboard, "horse racing" game on deck, probably a dice game. People in deck chairs, view of ocean through railing. Smiling travelers in deck chair, man with book. Couple by vent on deck, woman with camera. Various views of travelers on deck. Water. Building with two cars in front, bell tower, tilt down. Woman walks to camera on shipboard by "Baltimore" life boat. Takes "downward dog" position with rear to camera. Two women sit and chat next to lifeboat. Smoke comes from smokestack, couple plays quoits on deck, she is wearing sailor suit dress. Crew member in jacket. People throw rings over net in a made-up game. They all wear light clothing. Woman pulls sausages apart. Woman climbs stairs outside and crosses legs winsomely. CU of same smiling woman. She puts arm around man who walks down stairs, another woman behind them. Woman in window. View of canoe, two women get in canoe while man holds it. They lie in canoe, man fondles woman's face. View of shore (underexposed) with house. Stream from boat. Stick. Women lying in canoe while man paddles. View of pond. CU houses around pond, double exposure briefly. Canoe arrives back at dock. Exposure is generally good. Some dirt. CU women with cigarettes acting silly. Woman dances at top of stairs. Arranges her skirt, smiles flirtatiously at camera. Man comes down and sits next to her. Contrasty scene of women and one man sitting on ground. Group. Blanket on ground, running camera backward so women appear to run backward. Man dramatically jumps off board. Pan of trees to lake. People walk on plank in lake. In boat, man, woman and boy. Undistinguished shot of lake. Briefly figures in boat. Shot of shore with beach. Family in lake by the plank. Man rows scow then seven people in scow. Blurry shot of rowing. Man with boy in lake. Various views of swimming, standing in lake. Trick shot of man diving back onto diving board. Blurry shots of boat, swimmers. Electrical Supply Co. shop exterior. Benson's Wild Animal Farm footage: The Maze sign with couple in shrub maze, more people in maze. "Benson says be careful" "Ducking Stool for nagging wives" sign. Zebra from a distance. Beaver in a cage, very shaky. More signs from a distance. Small bear. "Benson's Wild Animal Farm" sign. People at lake.

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