1937-1938--Abraham Katz--home movies. Reel 44

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1937 – 1938
Color, faded. Waves on shore. Tourists in swimsuits. Mrs Katz dances on pier. Pan of shoreline. Walking along the beach. Walking in town. Klein's store sign. b&w on ship. Porto Rico Line. Passengers wave. Man CU. View of plants and rocks. Pan of hillside. American flag. People take pictures. Pose with cow. Monkey. Agfa 1938 intertitle. Loading bananas and other goods on ship. Walking in town. Porto Rico Trading Co painted on building. Goat. View of deck. Small craft (launch). Porto Rico Lines. Crowd in town. From ship, blurry views. Pan of hillside and road tracking car. Tilt up landscape. Car approaches along road. Sugar cane pile. "el ejir que en estas" carved over archway, guide explains site. Donkey Color, various views of ship. Shore from ship, ocean and waves. b&w, encampment. Smokestack

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