Children playing, box trick, farm animals, Portland water tower, 1940-1941--Donald Taylor--home movies. Reel 3

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1940 – 1941
"4th Birthday Carton / Little Sebago / Bingham Annuals / Means in Hoodoo / First brown puppy / Doll Carriage"
Reel #3A: Dodge. South Portland. Hopscotch. Box trick - all neighbor. Sebago Lake - camp. Mean's camp. Animals at farm, Bingham ME. Sue in paper bag hat. Bucksport bridge. Hoodoo - Rubye, Laura, Mean, Marcia, Fletcher and Fletcher. 1941. Fort Knox. South Portland. 1st of Bos'n, Dianne Berry, Sue, Jo, Bos'n. Carriage. Plane spotted during war. Portland water tower.
Outside: bush by house, Jo and Sue run to tricycles under the bush and ride toward camera. Jo and Sue playing in sand with Buzz. Twins riding tricycles in the yard, jumping off rock wall in slow motion, jumping up and down in slow motion. Rubye draws hopscotch board in the driveway with stick, twins and other children jumping through the hopscotch board in line. Shot of flowers Box trick: Jo and Sue carry a big box into the yard and open it, 12 kids and a dog crawl out and then back in, twins tie box back up and carrying it out of the yard. Children in a circle in the grass. Shot of a small dog. Jo and Sue with a boy and girl on the beach, long shot with other people on beach. Cabin shot through trees, CU of horseshoe toss, pan across cabin. Woman walks up stairs to cabin, pan of cabin porch and cars in driveway. Sign “Forest <-- Lodge” People on the beach. Pan of camp and beach, children playing on the beach. Jo and Sue with an inflatable bird in the water, pan of water, one of the twins in a cast with inflatable bird, both Jo and Sue in the water. Portrait shot of everyone and a dog. Pig in a trough, Twins looking at pig with mother, cows in a field, sheep and lambs, foal and mare, more cows, calf, cows drinking water, pig. Sue in a paper bag mask. Pan of Fort Knox and Waldo-Hancock Bridge. Ruby, Jo, Sue with a woman, man, and a boy in a motorboat, shots from the boat. Shot of bridge from Fort Knox, scenes around the Fort. Jo and Sue bouncing balls and throwing a ball back and forth in slow motion. Puppy (Bos'n) in the yard, running at camera. Bos'n and a toddler sitting in the yard, toddler holding struggling puppy, toddler and Bos'n on rock wall, Bos'n running. Jo and Sue put Bos'n in doll carriage. Shot of a shed. Water tower with “Portland Water” on the side. Pan of scenery from top of the water tower, shots from different directions. Man with binoculars, pan of scenery. Shot down at girl on the ground.
Compiled reel of color home movies including the twins playing outside, a camera trick with several children crawling into a box, a family boat trip to Fort Knox, farm animals, and scenes around a water tower in Portland, ME.

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