Children, winter scenes, flowers, 1938-1942--Donald Taylor--home movies. Reel 1

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1938 – 1942
Reel #1A: 1938. First of Sue, Jo, Rubye, Bangor Me. Croquet. With hat. With pebbles. With pan of water and clothespins. Donald Duck. Rubye and diaper. South Portland back yard. Frank Harlow, Harvey Boyd, Virginia Boyd Connie Harlow (Bangs). Sue and Jo - Penobscot Terrace. Brewer. Bernice Taylor. Sue, Jo. Don Taylor, Josiah Taylor. Sue, Jo and dust motes. 1941-1942. Cape Elizabeth. Sue, Jo in snow. Portland airport. Deering Oaks. Rubye in raccoon coat. Toy horse. Sledding. Hartley McKean. Chow. Sue, Ruby, Jo. Sue, Don, Jo. Boats - Portland. Power plant. Cape Elizabeth. Tingley's barn burning. Twins shoveling snow - South Portland. Bampa and Nanna. Penobscot [Temad?] to EMGH. 1940. S. Portland. Helen, Dick, old car. Birthday cake. Jo, Sue, carriage, Donny W. Jo, Sue, spring Ora. Baseball. Wood lawn camps - croquet. Flowers.
Outside in yard: Twin baby girls, Jo and Sue Swift, sitting, standing, crawling and walking in the yard. One girl has a stuffed Donald Duck. Girls sitting on a bench, walking in yard, playing with croquette mallet. Twins sit in yard with their mom, Rubye. Shots of twins playing in grass, playing with basin of water, playing with croquette balls and basin, crawling towards camera. Inside: Rubye puts diaper on girl in lap. Outside: Twins and a boy playing in the dirt. Girls go up steps into the house. Portrait shot of two men. One of the men on toy horse. Jo and Sue playing with dolls in yard. Portrait shot of three women in fur coats and hats. Twins playing with doll carriages in yard, bouncing on lawn chairs, jumping off rocks in the yard. Jo, Sue, and two older women with doll carriages. Pan of a stone house. Girls run in the yard. Man walks toward camera. An older man walks to camera holding the twins’ hands. Inside: Shots of Jo and Sue, start out too dark and get better. Outside: Rocky shoreline. (Switch to color.) Jo and Sue in the yard, playing in snow. Silver airplane taking off. Shot of a red plane. People ice skating in park. Big boats in harbor with factories on the shore. Rubye in a fur coat. Rubye playing w/ twins on toy horse. Rubye, Jo, and Sue sledding on small snow pile in yard. Portrait shot of Rubye, and Don Swift, with pipe. Twins shovel snow. Shot of dog (Chow). Portrait shots: Rubye with twins; Don with twins. Shots of boats in harbor, a factory, rocky beach. Rubye on rocks with Jo and Sue. Pan down beach. Shot of house in snow Twins shoveling snow and making a snow man with Rubye and Don. Still shots out window. Family in the yard, Jo and Sue jumping rope. Portrait shot of a man in blue blazer, car pulls out and leaves. Jo and Sue sit on stoop with cake. Twins playing in doll carriage. Joe, Sue and Rubye in yard, eating something. Children playing baseball in street. Sign for “Woodlawn deluxe camps.” Jo and Sue with people on a lawn with croquette mallet and balls. Purple flowers. Jo and Sue petting a fake dog. Garden. More flowers and a garden. Jo and Sue with lawn ball, picking dandelions in a field.
Compiled black-and-white and color footage of the Taylor family including winter scenes and children playing in the yard.

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