Halloween costumes, dance performance--Robert N. Lupfer--home movies. Reel 3

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Goodyear Zeppelin hangar with people walking on road nearby. Scratched film in early part. This was the Goodyear Airdock in Akron, Ohio, built in 1929, the largest building at the time with no interior supports. Zeppelins were built here in the early 1930s. Goodyear Airdock Two children in Halloween costumes outside front door: larger boy (Ed) is in a clown costume, smaller boy (Joe) is a matador with a mask. They shake hands then go inside. The address on the bench outside the house is 1812. Girl in a Chinese costume with mask dances, then holds pumpkin. Dog jumps up. Family group under porch in sun and shadow: strong fall light. Two dogs play on porch. Children outside house with rabbit on the grass; CU white rabbit. Grandfather comes, boy picks up rabbit. Dirt delivery, dump truck and children. Man on swing, girl (Hopie) on trapeze and rings. She wears bloomers and dress, hangs upside down. Children's dance recital. Girls on a lawn wearing hair bands and muslin dresses with artfully uneven hems, choreographed steps. Dancers approach a box, children climb out of box wearing costumes that have ears and tails representing some kind of animal. A row of cars parked on road along the lawn; perhaps this is a neighborhood park. Audience briefly. Man speaks to audience. Children all line up to be photographed. At a pool, children jump in; boys wear full-body knit suits. Children with golf club outside front door. Girl with lorgnette. Portraits of children lying on grass, very beautiful. Boy with brindle dog. Another dog chases ball on lawn and retrieves it. Man in glasses holds dog, then carries son on his shoulders, runs around. Boy somersaults. Man helps kid do a flip by holding hands between his legs. CU puppy. View of upper windows of house. Boys on car running board with dog tied to spare tire.

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