Trip to Europe, United Kingdom, Castle Howard, Oxford, 1927--Mortimer B. Fuller, Jr.--home movies. Reel 3

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"European trip 1923 / 1927 [?]"
Castle Howard, Oxford, Edinburgh
[Home made titles in quotes]. "European Trip of ELF and MBF, Jr., 1927." Airplane taxiing, pan of planes lined up, shots of ground from an airplane in flight. Windmill. Castle Howard and surrounding gardens. Airplanes at an airport. Shots from the airplane in flight. Oxford University. Sign: "Anne Hathaway's Cottage is closed to visitors on Sundays." Pan of cottage, sign: "Shakespeare's birthplace," Stratford-upon-Avon, Kenilworth Castle sign and shots around the castle [same footage in reel 2]. Pan of a garden with mountains in the background. Castle on a mountain and surrounding battlements [Edinburgh castle?]. Ye Olde Bell Hotel [same footage as reel 2]. A castle and surrounding ground. Playing a game with a ball on boat deck.

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