Trip to Europe, England, Hackney horses, 1927--Mortimer B. Fuller, Jr.--home movies. Reel 2

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"European trip No. 1, complete. Mr. & Mrs. Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Scranton, K.S.F. & M.B.F. - England, 1926"
MBF, Srs, Worthington Scrantons, Stevens to Europe: Kenilworth Castle, Stratford-on-Avon, Barnby Moor, looking over Hackneys.
On ocean liner deck, crowd on the dock, crowd waves as boat pulls away, shots of other boats, man and woman reading on deck and hiding from camera. Various scenes on the deck of the ocean liner. Pan of coast. Bird's eye pan of luggage being brought up on deck. Kenilworth Castle sign. Shots of Castle and the surrounding grounds. Peacocks in the Castle garden. Sign"Anne Hathaway's Cottage is closed to visitors on Sundays." Pan of cottage. Stratford-Upon-Avon. Pan of graveyard. Blown out footage of a crowd getting onto a boat. Boat departs. Pan of a british street. Ye Olde Hotel Hotel in Barnby Moor. Boy in front of a hedge. Hackney horse show, horses.

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