Canada, 1926--Mortimer B. Fuller, Jr.--home movies. Reel 1

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Can / box notes: "Canada, 1926 (?) 27; M.B. Fuller, Sr., A.C.Twitchell, ELF, MBF Jr., HSF. Guides, etc. Canadian hunting trip 1926."
Camping trip late 1920's? probably in Canada. MBF, Sr. ELF, MBF Jr., Twitchell, guides and porters
[Home made titles in quotes]. "Leaving St. Felecien", "Camp no. 1", "En Route in Our Rolls Royce," leave in a horse drawn carriage. Hunting party. "Camp no. 2" Porter displays his bag with a strap around his forehead, brushing teeth. "En Route to our camp" Canoeing, pan of lake, unloading gear and carrying canoe. "Scenes in camp." Fly fishing, eating, skipping rocks. "Pop's bed in the making." Boys gathering and chopping pine tree branches. "Bringing in the wood" Canoeing in with lumber, unloading the lumber, man plucking a bird at a campfire. "Sons, cousins, and Pop." Pan of several men. "Kidney Lake no.2" Pan of lake, Men working around camp, chopping wood. "Leaving for overnight Moose Hunt." Four set set off in a canoe with gear. "A.C. Twitchell himself." "An Empty handed return." Canoe returns across the lake with only two men. "Empty handed return no. 2" Another canoe with two men docks. "A four and one half pound brook trout." Man with a fish. Men cooking and eating around camp. "Our Guides" Men sitting at a picnic table, boy reading a book, men and boys around camp. "Temp 40 degrees [upside down]" Boy goes into the water. "Target practice." Various men shooting guns into the lake, Twitchell holding a fish. "A days catch." Two men hold up a stick with 4 fish. "All set to go." Three men sitting on steps. "Going" Men load into the canoes, guides and porters carrying supplies and canoes, horse drawn carriage. "Gone"

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