Stonington & Deer Isle--Walter V. Mitton--home movies. Reel 12

Deer Isle
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Pan of field, trees, water, land, mountains. Shot of three women, one man, one boy, and a baby girl; car going over Deer Isle causeway; lobster boats and sailboats in Stonington, Maine, harbor; pan of Stonington. Miniature village; flowers; baby girl in yard holds on to picket fence by miniature village. Fast pan of boats in harbor. Scratch and dirt. View of family, two older woman, mother, two children, man holding one of the children. Pan of garden flowers. Woman with toddler. Family in garden sitting in chairs. Baby crawling in grass. Station wagon in a field with family. Good color throughout. The miniature village was built by a local resident, Everett Knowlton (1901-1978): "Everett Knowlton began the village as a hobby in 1947. He created new buildings at the rate of one house a year. Knowlton worked for the state repairing roads in the summer and plowing in the winter." Maine Memory Network

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