Lucerne, Maine

Lucerne, Maine
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1. Actuality: Tozier's winter sports party 1928, 1929' with Dupont Pathe 12 stock. Decorated frame shots, Lucerne Hotel, train, fishing. (Dupont Pathe 29 stock). Six or so men put on skates-seated at edge of lake. Woman on sled chair. Rocks in background. General scenes of ice skating on lake. About 20 people in skates. Large group in skates lined up. People skate by. Man in raccoon coat wearing skates falls dramatically to amusement of people around him. Could be Dr. Tozier. Title: 'They played everything but checkers on the ice'. General views of games on ice. Ice sailing. Title, 'Al Barker of the B&M deserts railroading to become a windjammer'. Man on ice boat. Jib and mainsail. Spectators sit and laugh on shore. Men put on skates next to kite or sail. Title: 'The best equipped log lodge in the East'. Two women at a table outside, waiter in apron with wine glass on tray. Man riding a goat in front of lodge steps. Goat got away. View of lodge. pathway with rocks. Man gets on a pony. Twenty or more people watch from top of stairs-men in knickers. LS of lodge-good view. People in foreground. BS Safety film-car drives by. Short Shots of Winter: forest with telephone pole. Frozen lake with hills in background. Pan of woods. Ma. Lake. Pan of Lake-snowy forest. Car goes through it. Reverse angle-phone poles. 2. Dupont Stock. 'Aquaplaners Joust like Knights of Old Lucerne Maine.-Snubnosed lances used to rout rivals in contests on surfboards. Pathe news.' View from boat, two ski boards with men wearing bathing suits with straps. Pushing each other with poles. Shore in background. One sports.' Men and women on shore, Framework of waterslide then uniformed men talk to seated women in dresses. Man tries to stand on waterski board. Does headstand on board behind moving boat. LS big slide into water, someone slides down it. Kodak 1928 Stock Nitrate Film. 3. 'Modern William Tells Start Big Game Hunt, Lucerne, Maine. Members of Rovers Club seek venison feast with bows and arrows. Pathe News.' Log lodge, about twenty men with bows and arrows in a line on lawn in front of lodge. One wears feather headdress, draws bow. 'Lo, the poor target.' Straw man tied to birch tree with four arrows in chest. MCU men with bows fully drawn. They shoot. Shot of straw man, three or four men retrieve arrows. (During this hunting sequence there is some twist and deterioration.) 'Chief Crazy Bull Talks Indian to Sculptor Dallin. Pathe News.' MCU two men in front of the lodge, one in vest decorated with U.S. flag. Horse, men. Raccoon cap. Dallin wears cap and jacket. (center of image deteriorated.) Indian gestures and touches face, raises hand, etc. CU of Indian wearing wooly buffalo helmet with horns. Smiles to camera. 'Starting Off for Big Game. Pathe News.' In front of lodge. Indian, twenty men, dog. All with bows. They walk off camera. Men from being walk across lawn.

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