[Howard Kane--home movies] Miscellaneous Reel

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NHF viewing notes as follows for miscellaneous reel of loose segments, mostly titles: 1. [Cruise segment: LS mountains.] 2. [Shot of life preserver with 'Columbus Bremen.'] 3. Title: 'West Indies - South America Cruise.' 4. Title: 'Norddeutscher - Lloyd S.S. Columbus Nov 10-27, 1932.' 5. [Map of Cuba region] 6. Title: 'Panama Canal.' 7. Title: 'La Guayra Venezuela.' 8. Title: 'Havana - Suburbs and Malecon Drive.' 9. Title: 'Luncheon at Club Miramar.' 10. Title: 'Panama City.' 11. Title: 'Gaillard Cut.' 12. Title: 'Old Panama.' 13. Title: 'Homeward Bound.' [Very dark footage of men and women, interior of cruise ship. Pan ocean.] Title: 'The End.' 14. [Cruise segment: shot of deck, smoke stack billowing smoke, people walking on deck.] Title: Curacao D.W.I.' 15. [Cruise segment: LS mountains, dark, low clouds.]
Norddeutscher Lloyd SS Columbus, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Columbus_(1924)

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