[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 45

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NHF cataloguer's notes, 7/96 (reel numbers assigned by donor or creator): Reel 45: (35:50) sign reads 'BUDD Lake Estates Country Club for Members Only for Membership Apply No Dogs Allowed'; girl, boy and man standing on shore of lake; woman joins them, boy exits, cabin in background; girl and boy lie on stomachs looking over edge of pier; girl sitting on running board of car w/ father looking at her foot; father wiping her shoe w/ rag; woman opening trunk of car w/ kids, lake and trees in background; woman and kids walking out on pier, opening box lunches; (37:32) man looks at watch; two sheep; duck or goose walking away from camera; two ducks; group (about ten) girls come running toward camera; girls jumping rope, one at each end, one jumper; (38:55) girls sit in group on steps of house; they run to the left; one girl remains w/ basket of flowers; boy and girl pose outside in front of bush; POV from parked car of bike race followed by cars; LS outdoor archway; CU of unreadable words at top of archway; camera moves down archway; (40:00) thirteen star United States flag blowing in the wind; girl stands next to sign that reads 'Fort Washington'; LS of flagpole w/ flag in large field; (40:33) aerial shot (from hill or building) of parking lot; aerial view of open fields; looking up at fire tower; girl in nurse hat and apron pushing baby in stroller, girl holds toy up for baby; another girl joins them; one pats baby's head; girl in frilly costume dancing w/ crown-like head piece; lifts up one side of dress to show scalloped hem; dancing and posing in front of rose bushes; girl curtsies; rose bushes; girl in costume holds blossom in hand; boy sits on edge of garden w/ banjo wearing white shirt and pants w/ bow tie; taps his feet while he plays; (44:00) (dark exposure) girl and boy come out front door of house and walk to car; girl walks Irish setter w/ two other girls; CU hand shooting hand gun; camera pans down arm to policeman marking start of parade; convertible w/ adults drives by followed by two United States flags carried by children; children's marching band; float of woman w/ crown amidst trees; woman dressed as flower; man dressed as tree; man in Native American headdress on horse followed by woman dressed as Native American; group of people dressed as American Indians; two United States flags; child and adult lead parade dressed in uniforms; yoked oxen w/ cart carrying men in colonial dress; man and woman in colonial costumes in horse drawn carriages; (46:00) marching band; carriage drawn by horses w/ banners reading '1790' (or ?1798); horse drawn carriage; float w/ poster w/ red palm on it; firemen pulling water pump; sleigh w/ adults and children in costume; Kiwanis club float; boy scouts march w/ signs 'trustworthy', 'loyal', 'friendly', 'kind'; cub scouts; girl scout float w/ tent, trees and flags; men in white uniforms and hats; girl and boy on lawn in bathing suits running through sprinklers; (47:32) (blue exposure) two girls pulling two boys in wagon; various CUs of girl, father and young woman; girl in sailor hat, woman and young woman walk down front steps of house, young woman carries United States flag on a pole; large group of people on porch of cabin milling about; slow pan of people; LS convertible drives across lawn filled w/ people and some on the outside; pan of small cabins in field, trees in background; (49:18) ending on baseball field surrounded by small cabins; LS pan of field w/ cabins; boy puts on mask of goofy faced man; girl puts on mask; (50:22) group of boys joined by man, horsing around; shots of dirt in wooden frame (diorama); boy holds frame; girl joins him; boy looks at camera over his shoulder and dives into water; another approaches diving board while another tips his head to the side and jumps up and down; several boys take turns jumping and diving; group of boys lined up on pier, bent over ready to dive w/ rear ends facing camera, one by one they dive in; (58:16) boy bends knees outwards and put hands together above his head as he prepares to dive; man lies on his back on the diving board and throws boys over his head into water w/ a flip; LS and pan of cabins again in field (camp); two boys in bathing suits walk across grass; man putting golf ball in field; group of adults and children in boat; lobsterman pulls wooden lobster trap out of water; two boys and girl play game of paper, scissors, rock; pan up of cloudy sky; boy in sailor's hat on shore holding bow of row boat while girl in yellow dress gets in; other boys arrange oarlocks; slow pan of rowboat; man in stern w/ cloth tied to his head; (55:07) large group of boys stand together while boy in profile play trumpet (exposure is darker indicating evening); flag is lowered; boys walk through and out of frame; girl in sailor's suit w/ young woman and man descending stairs of house; girl runs towards camera on road carrying doll (Raggedy Ann) man follows her; man bends down and girl and man kiss each other; man shakes hand of young woman, they kiss each other on cheek; open launch tied to float; man and girl stand on float.

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