The Toll of Time--Walter V. Mitton--home movies. Reel 24

Brickett Bridge, Maine
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1948 – 1949
Title: ‘The Toll of Time’, ‘W.V. Mitton Production.’ Intertitle: ‘MEMBER AMATEUR CINEMA LEAGUE’. Intertitle: ‘Brickett Bridge, Andover Maine, was built in 1872 of native spruce lumber. It served its purpose well until 1948 when it was replaced with steel and concrete’. Overhead shot of Brickett Bridge (a huge covered bridge). Sign over the bridge: ‘BRICKETT BRIGE walk your horse and save a fine.’ Intertitle: ‘GYPSIES MOVE IN’. Trucks and cars hauling machinery and mobile homes. Road sign: ‘ANDOVER 11, 5’. A waterfall. Views of the landscape. Intertitle: ‘A NATIVE TAKES THE LAST LOOK’. A man walking around the bridge. The bridge being deconstructed. Intertitle: ‘Using the old bridge as false-work the steel was set on temporary bearings’. A dog running around the construction site as girders are moved. Intertitle: ‘THE GANG’. The construction crew poses in front of the demolished bridge. Intertitle: ‘A 25 FOOT DROP’. Sides of old bridge dropping in water. Intertitle: ‘THE KIDDIES MUST GO TO SCHOOL’. A small bridge. Intertitle: ‘ARNOLD PORTER STATE ENGINEER’. A surveyor using a theodolite. Intertitle: ‘YE SHALL NOT PASS’. The dog lying in the road. Intertitle: ‘Preformed wires hold the concrete forms’. A man uses a vice to bend wires. Intertitle: ‘A GENTLEMAN’S WAY TRANSIT-MIX CONCRETE’. Pouring cement. Intertitle: ‘TEMPORARY BEARINGS ARE REMOVED’. Bearings fall away and new girders installed. Intertitle: ‘THE STATE CREW BENT THEM, WE STRAIGHTEN THEM’. Straightening the girders. Intertitle: ‘800 pounds of rod used in welding all connections’. Rods being welded onto girders. Intertitle: ‘THE FLOOR IS OPEN GIRD STEEL’. A backhoe lifts steel plates from a truck. Putting the flooring in place. Welding. Intertitle: ‘Name it, and you can have it.’ Loader loads truck. Intertitle: ‘Rip-rap guards the slope during high water’. Placing large stones. Intertitle: ‘COME BOSSY, BOSSY, BOSSY’. A tractor leading cows across the bridge. A car driving over the bridge. The dog in a car. Intertitle: ‘A TRUE MODEL BUILT OF LUMBER FROM THE ORIGINAL BRICKETT BRIDGE Scale ¾ inch = 1 foot’. A model of the Brickett Bridge. A man building the model. Intertitle: ‘-/-*,:?”$:*-/-(*)*-*@-/-,:%”-*-*?’ The man working on the model. The dog seated next to the model bridge. A waterfall. A car with the model in a box strapped to the roof. Intertitle: ‘THE END’. [End of Reel]
The Brickett Bridge crosses the West Branch of the Ellis River.

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