[Maxim--home movies] Reel 40

United States (?)
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1944 – 1945
Amateur footage. [No content description available for Can N37.] Can note: '1944-1945.' NHF cataloger's notes for Reel 40: (10:52) Horse draws small toboggan with youngsters aboard through snow. Woman is in front. Boy waves. Horse increases speed of gait. Snow-covered ground. Horse hauling sled. Evergreen trees. Horse slows gait. Woman holding reins, toboggan passengers. Boy waves. Horse, passengers pass evergreen grove. Horse stops at barn. Passengers dismount from toboggan. Horse resumes toboggan hauling with man and woman on sled. Boy and girl in snow. Boy glances coyly at camera. Both go forward on their skiis. Girl falls down. Youngster wearing black snowsuit goes forward on skiis. Walks a bit to side. Youngster on skiis talks to another. Woman walks along on her skiis. Spring now. Boy spreads arms while following two geese in yard. One tries to fly away. Boy chases goose. (13:01) Boy holds horse's harness as horse walks forward. Small hod of coal is attached to harness. Woman emerges from small barn. Winter. Boy shovels snow. Horse drinks from pail. Horse is harnessed to small sleigh. Man shoveling snow. Youngster looks up at horse. Woman stands in back of sleigh. Horse draws sleigh through snow. Boy, girl only passengers. Girl holds harness reins. Two horses drawing device which is like a wooden platform through snow. Small dog scurries in front of horses. Girl walks in front of party. Four passengers aboard platformish vehicle. Dog follows behind. Shrubbery at side of home. Two boys emerge therefrom. Two women, man at same locale. Woman cowers as man grasps her arm. Someone out of camera range throws a snowball. Woman hurls a snowball. Woman hunches down as she receives thrown snowball. Snowball hits man at side of shrubbery. He swells his chest. Wipes his brow. Two women and man. Man tries to 'snow' lady's face. Man hit with snowball from behind. Woman pelts another with snowball. Snow-laden trees in area. Man makes snowball. He removes coat and redons it. Man has camera. Dog approaches. Man drags woman along. (16:02) Women are gardening. They wear shorts and halters. Woman is using hoe to clear ground. Other woman with rake crouches down to clear away stones, scant debris. Teenage girl. Coup'e is driven out of small garage which just fits size of this car. Young male driver glances behind him. Woman, girl outside of barn. Two horses and dog present. Woman leads horse forth. Girl mounts the other horse. Woman now mounts horse. Girl goes forward while holding reins. Woman watches from side as horses and riders go forth. Copious trees. Horses-riders descend path. Woman works in garden as the horses and riders turn corner. Equestriennism continues. The ladies ride side by side. They ride past home graced by copious trees. Three boys emerges from small playhouse. Girl enters home. She has items under her arm. Casually clad girl plays 'catch'. She wears baseball mitt. She both throws and catches. Young man is her companion. They are in well-shrubberied area. He, also, both throws and catches. (19:01) Young woman smiles. She smooths side of hair. She combs her hair. Girl and woman. Family sitting on couch and chairs outside. Girl continues hair-combing as family turns to watch her. Other family members seated in area. Shadowy shot. Woman touches girl. Family lines up for photo. Woman smooths hair. Left-tracking scan of family. Woman pulls stomach in. Woman fools with man at her side. (End Reel 40)

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