Maine and Quebec, 1937-1938--George E. Haskins--home movies. Reel 2

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1937 – 1938
Maine and Quebec, 1937-1938--George E. Haskins--home movies. Reel 2Credit:

Credit: George E. Haskins home movies, Robert Decker Collection, Northeast Historic Film.

Compiled reel of 1937 and 1938 family footage depicting celebrations at home, travel through Maine and Quebec, and events including harness racing and an aerial show.
Reel begins with outdoor ice hockey in residential neighborhood, houses seen beyond ice, teams in striped uniforms. Cut to dark interior scene, children playing with balloons, candles lit on birthday cake. Outdoor scene of a large group of children in costumes, playing on lawn, dancing. Children fishing on pier, boy showing off caught fish, playing with dog and stick. On ferry, older couple with young boy and girl seen among large white pillars, posing under "Idle Hours" sign on porch, posing near water, swimming off pier, waving from small motor boat. Very dark shot of nursing kittens. Slow motion shots of harness racing. "Maine Aero Rendezvous Official Program" held up for camera (event held in August 1938 at Augusta State Airport). Group watching air show from outside low fence, low flying biplanes stunt flying, parachutist in descent. Cut to kittens with toy planes. Boy in suit with puppy on chain, girl with covered baby carriage, opened to reveal kittens. Watching football from hood of car parked at sidelines, including some game play filmed in slow motion. "Quebec" rug pinned on line, followed by shots of river, hills, bridge, "Falls/Chutes" sign. Montmorency Falls? Boy riding on dog-drawn cart. Visit to Quebec City, some scenes taken from a horse-drawn carriage in motion. Speeding fire truck chased by dog. Views of the city from across the river. Countryside, rocky coastline, lighthouse, breaking waves in slow motion. Row boats, one small motor boat with lobster traps seen at back. Girl holds up book: "Now We Are Six" by A. A. Milne. Line of children passing before camera with party hats and noisemakers, then running with brooms. Large pile of pumpkins at roadside. Boat named Odysseus III Montreal, seen from dock, then departing. Family seen visiting animals at a small zoo, including a caged bear.
Written on top of can: "1938 Mt. Kineo Hotel/Augusta Airport Show/Betty's 6th Birthday." Written on can inside lid: "Betty's birthday. Mt. Kineo Rockwood, Maine. Augusta Maine Airport Show. 1937+1938+1939 George E. Haskins/Hendersonville, NC."

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