Nice, Algiers, Paris. Reel 2.

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Title, 'Florence--Eastertime Procession of the Holy Light.' Parade. 'Easter Monday Procession Signa (near Florence).' // Date from edge code. // Men with banners. 'Paris in the Rain and Home.' Views of monuments and 'Opera Ships'. Statue of Liberty. Manhattan from water. Tugboats.
A woman feeding a monkey (rhesus macaque?) sitting on a metal roof. Shot of the monkey in a tree. Title, with a still image of a man and woman standing near trees: 'Florence -- Easter time Procession of the Holy Light'. A procession of priests, some carrying banners. Priests and men in costume carry banners down the street, with Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (Il Duomo di Firenze) in the background. A man plays with cats sitting on shelves by the street. Intertitle: 'Easter Monday procession Signa (near Florence)' People in a procession, including priests carrying crosses and banners. People lead a donkey ridden by a small girl in costume. A different child in costume. Shot of a market stall. Shots of the procession. Intertitle: 'Paris in the rain and home'. Shot looking down the Pont Alexandre III, including Esplanade des Invalides, Les Invalides, and the statues Renommée des Sciences ("Fame of the Sciences") and the Renommée des Arts ("Fame of the Arts"), by Emmanuel Frémiet. A statue on top of a small building. Panning shot of buildings and statues. Shot of the Luxor obelisk and fountain in Place de la Concorde. Cut to people standing at a ships railing, looking down on tugboats. Shot of a steam ship and tug boats. Small boats pulling up alongside a larger ship. Shot of the Statue of Liberty. Panning shots of New York City skyline and boats, seen from the water. Title card with a still image of a sailing ship: 'The End' [End of Reel]

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