[Lloyd B. Hayes--home movies] Reel 3

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Footage of a boy rowing a boat around Spurling Cove, ME, including shots of him untying the boat from the dock and getting in the boat and then tying the boat back up to the dock after he gets out. The boy talks to a man on the docks and they admire the shoreline. An older man and a woman are shown wading in the water and swimming. Footage of a boy trying to get into a boat along the shore as a few people come and help hold the boat steady. The boy jumps out of the boat immediately after getting into it. A woman gives the boy a piggyback ride into the water. A man coaches the boy swimming with inflatable buoys. Footage of several people tipping each other over in an inflatable raft. People in swimsuits relax and play on the shore. Footage of various people in a motorized launch out on the water with people waving to the camera. The launch pulls up to the dock and a boy helps tie up the boat as Lloyd B. Hayes helps Rachel onto the dock. Lloyd and a boy walk up the dock. Footage of a man cruising around in the launch. Several people wave to the camera from various sailboats.

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