[ARCO bicentennial outtakes]

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NHF cataloguer's notes: NOTES ARE SLIGHTLY OUT OF ORDER- TAKEN FROM FOOTAGE BEFORE IT WAS TRANSFERRED- SOME SHOTS WERE ON REEL BACKWARDS OR REVERSED Street fair. MS families sitting on grass clapping. Boys roping calves in rodeo ring. Marching band. Tea cup ride. Sailboat race. Bagpipe band. Tilt-a Whirl. Logo 'American Revolution Bicentennial Maine.' Amusement park ride. Parade. Marching band. Harness (Sulky) horse race. MS Jr. High marching band in pink and purple uniforms. Clown. Marching band in royal blue and gold uniforms, 'Gulf' sign in background. CU chicken on barbecue. Carnival ride. Bagpipe band. Sailboat race. Parade sidelines. Clown. Tea cup ride. 'Old Crow Indian Band Farmington, ME.' Marching band- players in Indian costumes. Children jumping and running alongside parade. Bright, colorful miniature train. Shriners. Water skier with hang glider attached [para-skiing; para-sailing]. Waterskiing jumping. Three water skiers together with two people on their shoulders. Family at picnic table- woman wearing extraordinary hat with white flowers or design. People in line getting chicken barbecue dinners. CU dinners. Fair tent with giant white, wooden rooster in front of it. LS Crowd in stadium. Harness horse racing. Yoke of oxen pulling skid or skidder with large load of conder blocks. Fair booth with paintings for sale. Sailboat race. Two masted schooner with smaller sailboats surrounding it. Man with film camera onshore- POV from boat. Schooner with characters dressed in costumes- king, pirate. Tilt-a-Whirl. Fairgrounds shot from above. Lobster cook-out. People in costume (maiden, king and pirate again) eating lobster- pier in background. Beach covered with sunbathers. Black and white cows. LS farm. Field of potato blossoms. Brown and white cows. Sheep. Produce at farm stand- CUs. Beach- women in bikinis playing with beach ball.

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