[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 71

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NHF cataloguer notes (reel numbers assigned by donor or creator): Reel 71: [all color, exterior shots; well composed, fairly lengthy, steady shots] 4:17:57 people kissing in front of house; woman displaying an elaborate bridal party decoration; two women showing off matching gowns, bridesmaids ?; bridal couple posing for camera, cars in background, dusk; woman in grey suit showing bouquet of flowers to camera; white truck driving down residential street followed by policeman ? on a motorcycle; 4:20:45 woman carries jack-o-lantern on plate and sets it in yard; cat examines the pumpkin; car towing a three wheeled motorcycle drives up to house; man detaches trailer pulling the motorcycle and drives away leaving the motorcycle; woman opens garage door; backs a two door car out of garage; pretends to pet the car with glee; woman makes three-point turn and drives away; man and young woman wash the same car with hose in driveway; wide of residential street, two men trimming a large tree; one helps the other climb up the tree; man saws off branches and drops them to two men below; one of the two chops the branches with an ax; good shots of man sitting in tree sawing; men load the branches into truck parked below tree; dusk-men rake up debris and drive away; close-up of men on the ground using a chain saw to cut up the large limbs into firewood size pieces; wood loaded onto back of truck which drives away; truck backed into tree, man with ax attacks the trunk of the delimbed tree; men with ropes guide the tree to land in the middle of the street; cigar smoking man chops it up with chain saw; men load the large trunk pieces of wood onto back of truck using a pulley system; truck drives away leaving a huge pile of sawdust in street 4:31:24 young woman removing large screens from house windows; lowering screens by rope from upper stories to ground; woman hands screen down to person in the basement of the house; man raking up fall leaves in yard; bowl of fruit on table sitting in yard; man burning pile of leaves on street 4:34:09 people get out of car; woman carrying infant; group of people standing in front of house posing with baby; quick shot of mailman walking by; shot of Christmas wreath on front door; people loading car in back of house.

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