[Alan Bemis—home movies] Reel 1

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Can notes: "Bemi Trunk Movie - In + Out 1922? + 8/23/47 copy made Feb. 1962." Donor notes: "Original copy (I think) of '34 Bemi Explode from a Trunk'. August 23, 1947 Plus other So. Tam. [South Tamworth, NH] . Reunion events of same date (Mother's 70th year). There is a copy of this on another reel which includes getting into the trunk." Alan Cogswell Bemis was the third of seven children born to Albert Farwell Bemis and Faith Gregg Bemis. The children were born between 1900 and 1916. This reel is of family members in 1922. Two teenagers carry a trunk onto an outdoor patio. Several children take turns climbing into an the open trunk. Then one after another, adults and children get into the trunk. Each has a hard time pushing the previous climber into the trunk. At the end, the top opens and a child invites the family dog into the trunk. A boy and girl carry the trunk off camera. Alan Bemis (about age 16) is seen in this sequence. The sequencing was achieved by stopping the film in the camera each time someone got in the trunk. The second part of the reel was taken August 23, 1947 at the family farm in South Tamworth, New Hampshire, during a family reunion to celebrate Faith Gregg Bemis' 70th year. (Albert Farwell Bemis had died in 1936). The film shows a 1930s pickup truck arriving at the house, two workmen getting out and helping driver put trunk on ground. They open the top, and a man gets out slowly, followed by a woman (presumably his wife) and two young children. They are followed by a woman with three young children, who then helps a man (her husband?) get out. He is followed by a setter dog. He comes back as two more get out of the trunk, probably Chapie and Alan Bemis, followed by their daughters Ann and Margot (?), who fall down, then run off camera. They come back for two younger girls, (maybe their sisters Alice and Faith?). The youngest watches as an older man gets out followed by a woman ( his wife?). They reach in and help out a teenage girl and boy. The boy watches as yet another man peers out, then gets out of the trunk He reaches back for a woman and toddler who get out of the trunk. He reaches back again for two young girls, who climb out. One of the girls reaches in for an older woman, who reaches in for an older man and pre-teen girl. The girl watches as a woman exits and she turns back to help a young man out. He gesticulates, and helps two young girls get out of the trunk. One of the girls reaches back to help the oldest woman out, who must be Faith Gregg Bemis, in her 70th year (Alan's mother). The trunk lid is shut as she gestures for everyone to gather around her. Everyone jumps and waves for the camera. The sequencing was achieved by stopping the film in the camera each time a group of people exited the trunk. It appears that Mrs. Bemis' children exited the trunk in age order (oldest to youngest) with each of their family members, totaling 34 people. Views of what appears to be a birthday party, adults cutting cake, ice cream, all wearing flower leis, children and adults together. At least 10 young children are around a table eating. A six horse team with a large wagon waits outside the house, with adults and children standing around. Trick film, shot in reverse of Alan Bemis in swimming costume, pretending to dive into a pond, running "backwards". Several children and adults "dive in" ( backwards film).

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