[Newport Movie Queen]

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'Movie Queen' film shot in Newport, Maine. Local residents appear. NHF cataloguing notes, 6/97 as follows (intertitles in quotes): Opening title: 'Extra! Extra! Movie Queen returns home.' At train station. Movie Queen in white, receives bouquet. Crowd waves. All ages. Parade, uniformed marching band. Young women (scouts?). Automobiles. Movie Queen in fire truck. Given key to city. 'Movie Queen greets...congratulate her.' Flatware given. Goodyear tire man. She holds up tire. Nation-wide Service Grocers. Personnel in aprons. Barrel of potatoes. Window, fruits and vegetables. Cigars. Cakes. Beer. Barton, manufacturer of bobbins, spools. Wood yard. Factory workers. Toys, wooden soldiers. Bobbins. Spools of all sizes. Wilfred Beauty Shoppe. Gladys Bean, widow, manicurist. Train. Shorey's Luncheonette. Drink Moxie. Judkins and Gilmore Hardware display. Tire presentation. Perkins Market. Raspberries. Dry Goods, S.B. Ring, sisters? Russell's Garage. Gulf truck. Hanson Hardware Company. Hanson's Drug Store. Radio, demo croquet set. Ox-Bow Cabins. Gas station, car on lift. Bricklayers. Golden Cream, Lakeview Dairy. [Winfred] delivery. Six bottle milk delivery. Friend and Friend Ford. Canada Tourist Information. R.H. Frost, IGA stores. Five people in aprons. Newport Bottle Works. Intertitle: 'Meanwhile, Slarbo, jealous, brings public enemies to him.' Intertitle: "The Leader. Public enemy no.999." Men in kerchiefs with red kidnap wrong woman in open car. Intertitle: 'Kidnap her and she will confess her identity.' They kidnap the Movie Queen. Intertitle: '"Ha! Ha! Proud beauty, you are in my power."' Police officer. Man on bicycle gives chase, round and round. Embrace, Movie Queen and hero. 'Thursday and Friday, July 30-31.'

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