[Ernest G. Stillman--home movies] Reel 008

Mount Desert Island area, Maine
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1930 – 1949
Can notes as follows; reel numbers are donor-assigned. Reel 8: Products of Duck Island. Travel. First rate, of seagulls, Cranberry Isles, scenes, shoreline architecture, sardine fishery in Southwest Harbor and at weir. [This is not Reel 8]
Purchased film, transferred without sound, although title indicates RCA sound. Title card: The State of Maine: A Carl Dudley Production photographed by Edwin E. Olsen. color, roadway, birch trees. Intertitle: "The State Capitol at Augusta" Tilt up capitol building. Intertitle: "Longfellow's birthplace" wooden building with sign in Portland. Intertitle: "Lumbering has long been Maine's first industry" Two men cut down tree. Horses pull sled with logs. Rolling logs into pile. Truck comes down dirt road loaded with logs. Man touches axe edge, shaves man with axe. View of logs on train moving past camera. Logs on river. Large pile of logs. Intertitle: "Maine claims a wide diversity off farm products" Hay, men with pitchforks. Pumpkins. Man in overalls moves pumpkins. Woman with strawberries in quart boxes. Man with grain feeds hens. Hands loading eggs in egg cartons. Intertitle: "The most important crop is potatoes" Sign Aroostook County Line. Potatoes behind harvester. Young man with basket in field picks up potatoes. One glove, one bare hand. Loads potatoes into wooden barrel from basket. Truck with barrels. Intertitle: "Shipbuilding is another of Maine's basic industries" Man rides on beam being lifted by crane, he directs crane through hand movements. Another view of sailing ship with someone working on hull finish. Man with tools. Young woman climbs on rock as sailboat goes down ways into water. Intertitle: "Maine is rightfully known as "The land of remembered vacations."" Girl picks daisies. Family on beach. Boys at camp push canoes into lake. Family in motorboat. They wave at camera, then seen from behind. Motorboat wake. Motorboat approaches dock with red canoe in foreground. Children, two with spyglasses. Three-masted sailing vessel. Sailing regatta. Sunset.

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