[Seapro project] Tape 10

Rockland, Maine
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NHF viewing notes: Bulk storage area, downtown Rockland, chimney, bio filter, plant exterior, forklifts. Interview of Loy Linscott, Jr. Wash house, schooner, fish meal processing. More Linscott interview. Log notes from Bob McIntire as follows: Bulk storage. Bulk storage exterior. Man closes door. Downtown Rockland from Seapro. Cut away of chimney. Large bio filter. Audio with exterior plant shots. Shows general disrepair of buildings. Forklift sequence. Interview Loy Linscott, Jr. Wash house. Has seen four different owners. Was twenty eight just out of service. Barge goes by boat. Man looks out windown by boat. Scenic schooner at dock. Issac flag over schooner. Loy Linscott, Jo. explains process. What plant does, press fish. Finished product. Process: Boats. Pump station. Pad. Cookers. Press. Squeeze out stick water. Heating tank. Separators (water from oil). Evaporator tank. Meal to dryers. Loy Linscott, Jr. continues: Was truck driver. Bagger. Worked pad. Dryer. Assistant foreman. Parts supervisor. Done it all. He is third generation. Grandfather and father worked there. No plans. Smells like cooked fish. Gets in truck drives off. Frank walks to door and closes it. Man climbs down smokestack. The American flag.

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