Rockland Buildings--Walter V. Mitton--home movies. Reel 14

Rockland, Maine
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circa 1946
Title, 'Rockland has many fine Federal, County and City public buildings in well kept and attractive settings.' Color, White house with columns around front door and balcony above front door; stone building; brick building; one-story white brick building covered with ivy, one shot in summer, one shot in fall, ivy is orange. Trees in background with no leaves. Pan brick 2-story L-shaped building. Title, 'Streets in the commercial district are busy and the tree-lined residential streets with attractive lawns and shrubbery lend a distinctive character.' High shot of downtown Rockland, Sears and other stores, cars going down street. Shot down residential street, green lawns and trees, white houses; residential street in the fall. Tilts up to trees and back down to street. Title, 'One of the most important public services is Fire Prevention and Control. A well-trained personnel and mechanically perfect equipment assures this service.' Three red fire engines outside station, driving towards, by, then away from camera through town. Title, 'A spectacular demonstration of fire control techniques by the Rockland Fire Department.' Fire by beach, three men hose the blaze, some men spraying water into air over fire. HOuses visible in background including one with sign, Antiques. Black smoke from set fire by shore, fire fighters wrestle hose. Hoses spray water in the air. Titles, 'The Public Works Department performs a wide variety of services through the year,' 'The Street Tarring Program in its several stages,' many shots of trucks at sand pit, watering of the road, trucks spreading sand or gravel on road. Truck has 'City of Rockland, No. 2, Highway Dept.' on door. Tractor goes back and forth with device to smooth road. Title, 'Plowing Snow on streets, roads and sidewalks, and removing snow from the commercial district.'

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