Air Brakes: Operation and Maintenance

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This film found on accession shelf. Consists of two 700 ft. reels identified as Air Brakes: Operation and Maintenance, parts one and two. The reels have been wound onto a core and housed in a PRC can. Originally the reels were in two shipping cartons inidcating they had been shipped from Bendix-Westinghouse in Elyria, Ohio to Brake Service, Inc. in Bangor, ME on December 13, 1949. These cartons are stored in the collection container zone. Three notes were with the film and are in the collection folder. 1. Loren White of Brake Service Inc will visit 8/21/2002. 2. Dick Winship, Brake Service Parts 800 945-6466. 3. Russ- Dropped off for you by? Monday morning 8/12/02 (Dwight's Handwriting) Air Brakes (?)

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