[Frederic E. Camp--home movies] Northeast Harbor Fleet at Kollegewidgwok

Blue Hill, Maine
East Blue Hill
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13:18 Boat race, Atlantics? 13:41 Alida Camp's dock in East Blue Hill. 6-8 boats moored in bay. Launch goes out to one boat. Regatta, boats with flags up. Cat boats with sails up. Blue Hill harbor, yacht club. Activity on dock. People come ashore, many people at Kollegewidgwock Yacht Club. Listening to race results? They applaud at intervals. Receive awards. 17:29 New reel. Sailing in Blue Hill bay, Blue Hill mountain in background. View from boat. 18:54 Clambake on beach. 30 people sit on ground. Pan of boats in harbor. 19:41 Boats sailing, view from water. 20:05 People drink tea in yacht club (poor exposure). 20:55 Young people on Alida Camp's dock.

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