[Meyer Davis--home movies] Reel 17

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Boarding ship, Davis and friends laughing, large band on board ship plays to crowd (Meyer Davis Orchestra?), xylophone being played, strange man walking up stairs, life-preserver of the ship (Conte Grand), having fun on deck playing badminton, shuffleboard, smoking. Gibraltar is sighted, view of islands surrounding Gibraltar, a small boat is pulled beside ship, ship pulls into Naples, Spaghetti drying in the sun, Napoli children and soldiers, train going up to Vesuvius volcano, view of the volcano covered in snow, walking up trail to see steam come out of Vesuvius, pan of Naples, clowning on board ship, leaving ship, girls dancing at sorrento, old Italian woman, visiting a park (?) in Sorrento, views of the city, horse-drawn carts, scenes at beginning of Amalfi drive. TITLES: '1) Hilda and Meyer in Europe, pt.#1; 2) SS Conte Grande, deck games, approaching Gibraltar, Gibraltar, approaching Naples, Naples; 3) Mrs. Hyman and friend, scenes in Naples, Vesuvius with Frank, on way to Capri ending up at Sorrento, Start of Amalfi Drive; 4) Gibraltar; 5) Naples; 6) This is what you get when you ask for spaghetti; 7) Trip to Vesuvius; 8) Euronto to Isle of Capri; 9) We got seasick and got off at Sorrento.' Meyer Davis Logbook: 'Hilda and Meyer in Europe. Musicians at Ship. Moss, Pepi, Rutherford. S.S. Conte Grande. Deck Games. Approaching Gibraltar. Gibraltar. Approaching Naples. Naples. Mrs. Hyman and Friend. Scenes at Naples. Vesuvius with Frank. On way to Capri ending up at Sorrento. Start of Amalfi Drive.'

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