[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 064

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Viewing notes: Reel 64: Archie Stewart can notes: 1940 whole family trip to Maine (whale watching) Screening notes: WS of large country inn. Girl standing beside car, wearing captain's hat. VS of large stone building with round turret. WS of Gloucester beach. MS of family in swimsuits. VS of girls drawing in sand. Daughter Mary seated on Archie's shoulders. VS of people frolicking in surf. Shot of ocean POV inside building, shot thru french doors. WS of wooden building with sign 'Gorton Pew Fisheries Co.' Girl seated on bench in front of large inn. Standing on diving board beside pool. Sign 'Green Gables Inn.' Gaggle of ducks walking on lawn, herded by Ann. WS of farm land, near Eastport, Maine, woman picking berries. Car parked beside road. WS of curving railroad tracks, train engine approaches. WS of train passing, pulling five freight cars, wooded hill in BG. WS of two cottages, Brooks Bluff, Robbinston, Maine. LS of woman and two girls seated on steps. VS of cottages, flowers in FG, car parked between. Two girls petting puppies. Magazine cover: The American. Photo of smiling woman holding three puppies on shoulder. Anti Communist article title: 'Fighting the Radio Fifth Column.' Mary strikes same pose. Puppies nursing. Girls blowing bubbles with pipes. Moving shot from boat, people standing on tall pier, wharf warehouse. Eastport Harbor, Maine. Approaching rocky cliff with houses on bluff. Woman watches passing fishing boat. VS of pleasure boats. Family fishing with line from side of boat. Boy pulling in line, hauls out large fish, poses with catch. Paul Didisheim, Vladimir and Mary Kingsbury Simkhovitch's grandson (he later became a cardiologist). More of similar fishing catches. Moving shot from water, lighthouse on island. Whales surfacing and diving, including slo mo. Picnic on boat. Moving shots from boat, shore, approaching pier, seagulls on dock. Slo mo of seagull flying overhead. Flocks swarming around wharf. Slo mo of flock landing on ocean. POV inside boat cabin, anchor on deck, heavy swaying. Woman and two girls in stern bundling under lap blankets. Slo mo of seagulls catching fish. Girl holding up fish catch. From pier, boat departing dock.

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