[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 073

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1937 – 1938
Reel 73. // Archie Stewart can notes: 'Sound. Trip to Florida, winter 1937 and 1938 (personal).' // Color is faded, text in quotations is Archie Stewart narration. // SOUND Ann and Mary riding in train, looking out window. Ann tweaks at Mary's nose. Girls discuss sights and mistletoe. City street, traffic. Sound: 'This is Raleigh, So. Carolina.' Moving shot from train as crosses street intersection. 'Here we are at Miami Beach.' Two girls walking in surf, tossing inflated toys in shape of lobster. Closeup of toy lobster in sand, name of restaurant written on top. Man stands on beach while woman looks for shells. Grandmother in street clothes watches from beach chair with awning. Mother walks into ocean, putting on bathing cap. Girls washing hair in ocean. Ann digging in sand, opens bathrobe to display her suntan, smiles, showing gapped teeth. Palm tree on beach, waves and bathers in background. Shot from behind woman seated on beach with two girls, rubbing suntan lotion onto backs. Turns to look at camera over shoulders. 'In distance is a Coast Guard vessel.' Goodyear blimp flying overheard, mooring lines tied to bow. Tilt up from beach to Goodyear blimp overhead. Pan to plane flying towards blimp. Pan down to bathers. Girl with legs buried in sand. Young girl walking through waves holding inflatable donut, walks up to post where microphone is lashed, 'Merry Christmas...' [Grandfather Warden, Grandma Stewart in group of bathers] Shot of Miami Beach residential area, palm trees and flower beds line street. Audio has music here. Footage of ocean water with vague shadows under surface. '...here's some big sharks...' Aerial views of Miami Beach taken from inside blimp with Archie narration and engine noise in background. Skyscrapers along shore. Causeway, islands. Interior of blimp cockpit while landing, man with windsock walks in front to guide pilot. Goodyear blimp taking off from landing area. Interior of cabin, Kenner Hartford, later Major General, West Point grad, doffs hat. Aerial views of golf course, greens surrounded by houses. Aerial of Jack Cook's Casino, hotels beside beach. Aerial of ocean, audio identifies shark in middle of frame (indistinct outline). Interior of blimp cabin with pilot. Islands, channels, houses visible through cockpit window. Ann looking out blimp window, pilot's controls, approach to landing field. John Shoemaker home in Coral Gables, FL. Group of people, girl holding coconut. Grandfather Stewart cutting out meat of coconut held by teenage girl. Tilt down from top of palm tree to young man in jodhpur pants holding metal rake, pulls down coconut. Little girl carries coconut to car, places on front seat. Girl examining banyan tree nestled inside palmetto. Poinsettia plant. Ann and Mary picking grapefruits from tree. Hand holding bouquet of large red hibiscus flowers. Girl picking kumquat from tree. Orange tree laden with fruit. Lemon tree. View from window of hotel, beach, surf, hotels line shore. [Strath Haven Hotel is where Stewarts stayed. Just south of Cook's Casino] Telephoto shot of bathers in surf. Slow pan right of Miami Beach skyline with Cook's Casino, billboard for Sun Baths, Hackney's Restaurant, Blackstone Hotel visible. View to west of Miami skyline, enclosure on roof for nude sunbathing. Sign planted in sand on beach: 'Oomiyaks For Rent. 1 Hr 50 cents.,' 'cross between canoe and (kayak).' Group of people launch boat. Three girls walk along beach through surf. No sound, night shots from water, city silhouette. Christmas 1938: Young girl digging in sand. VS people posing with ocean in BG. Audio 'Yonders old man Cook.' [Jack Cook, owner of casino] WS of girls riding air mattress in waves [telephoto]; ships on horizon. VS of family frolicking in water. VS of people walking beach, different telephoto settings. Blackboard sign gives tides, temperatures, date and advises 'Make it your daily habit to [exercise] with bar-bells.' TS on gold scorecard. VS Mrs Mary Stewart modeling bathing suit; walking into ocean with daughter Ann; swimming. MCU Ann holding dead jellyfish. WS Ann digging in sand. Mary Stewart under sunshade with families of Walter and Jack Cook. [Jack Cook's daughter Joan was "Miss Florida"] Girl and man pop up from behind low canvas fence. MS Two girls seated in canvas chairs. WS telephoto of girls in sidewheeler paddle boat. CU on Archie. LS of sidewheeler, sailboat. Sign 'Miami.' MS of train, GM diesel engine. Two girls standing by train car named 'Orange Blossom Special.' MCU on plate giving specs for General Motors diesel engine built by Electro-Motive Corporation.' Door to car holding electric generator, partial view of turbines. MS of passenger car. Suitcases in luggage car. VS of train: 'Seaboard,' 'Orange Blossom Special,' 'Completely Air Conditioned.' Mary seated in baggage truck. Porters pulling hand trucks loaded with baggage down platform, young girl holding teddy bear follows. Passengers getting on train. Pan down name of car 'New Waterford.' Ann slumped out window of train door. Train pulling out of station: diesel engine, Pullman car. Brief dark shot of cars coupling.

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