Working Women of Waldo County: Her Story

Belfast, Maine
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NHF cataloguer's notes, 11/94: Still photos. Oral history format: stories of four women and their working lives, their mothers and grandmothers. [poor sound] Woman cooking and telling stories of her family, geat-grandfather was a sea captain, great-grandmother ran a farm and raised ten children, grandmother did nursing and midwivery, mother taught school and farmed. Women who made wine and medicines. Doing laundry [before 'conveniences'] by heating water, etc. Using flatirons. ca.1926-1927 working for summer people. Teaching school, eight grades. Woman playing piano [no sound]. Woman who moved back to Belfast in 1913 and worked as babysitter and in tea room, sardine factory, went to work full time at age fourteen, married at age sixteen, married for 58 years. Worked also as florist. Shots of her embroidery and plate collection. Plays piano [with sound].

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