Blue Hill to Jaipur, 1938-1939--Adelaide Pearson--home movies. Reel 5

Blue Hill, Maine
Agra, India
United Kingdom
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1938 – 1939
Ferris wheel and fair scenes in front of Blue Hill harness race. On board a cruise ship, waves, the White Cliffs of Dover. A farm. Sheep. Scenes of the English countryside, a rail yard, panning shot of a town. Buildings in town, including ‘Blossoms Hotel’ and the Eastgate clock in Chester, Cheshire, England. Chester Cathedral. Stained glass windows inside the cathedral. A woman standing beside a car. (Film changes to black and white) A woman watches tug boats near the quay. A crowd along the water. The building behind them has ‘BOARD’ written on the roof. Shot of Liverpool from the water, including the Royal Liver Building and the Port of Liverpool Building. (Film changes to color) Panning shot of town along the shore. A boat on the water. Gibraltar seen from the water. A line of men in life jackets on the deck of a ship. Shot of the coastline from the water and an island fortress. (Chateaux d’If) Cruise ships at dock with cranes in the background. Marseille, with the Notre-Dame de la Garde Basilica, seen from the water. Boats on the Suez Canal. The town of Suez along the canal. Panning shot of mountains seen from the water. Sunset over the water. Panning shot of buildings in Mumbai, including the Old Secretariat and the Rajabai Clock Tower. Boats on the water. A seabird flying overhead. A funeral procession. Shot of a cove and mountains. Cut rock cave temples built into the cliff side. (Ajanta Caves, Maharashtra, India) (Film changes to black and white) People walking inside the caves. (Film changes to color) Children carrying water jars on their heads. Wide shot of Ajanta Caves. A fort on a hill. The Bibi Ka Maqbara tomb. Panning shots of landscape. Shot of narrow city streets. (Film changes to black and white) Shot of buildings. People along the river. (Film changes to color) Interior and exterior shots of a temple. A domed building and ruins along a dry river (Sarkhej Roza, Ahmedabad) People making batik cloth on the street. City gates. A man tying rope. People on the street. [End of Reel]
From Miss Adelaide Pearson Rowantrees Bluehill, Maine 1938 – 1939 Nov. 3 – Jan. 22 N.Y. – to – Benares Films to # 33 0 = C = 1 = C. ? (landing/wandering?) Chester (Chester to Birkenhead Straights – Cadiz – (illegible) Pillar (Gibraltar 4 = C. Majorca – Marseilles Crew of S.S Cilicia 5 = C. Port Said – Suez Canal before Bitter Lakes 6 = C. Suez Canal – Suez Sunset on Red Sea 7 = C. ‘Babel-el-Mandeb” (Gate of Tears) exit of Red Sea. 8 = C. Karachi Harbor Bombay Sts 9 = C. Elephanta Caves – Daulatabad Fortress Hill: Ellora Caves 10 C. Ajanta Caves – Aurangabad Tomb Rabi’a Daurani: (illegible) 11 B+W Liverpool : Suez Canal : Karachi : Ellora : Ajanta : Amedabad 12 C. Aurangabad : Sarkhej – Mosque + Palace 13 B+W Potter (Amedabad) Sabramati River + laundry : Jaipur : Astrological (illegible) 14 C - Batik workers : Camels (Amedabad) Jaipur – Sun Gate : “Ecca” (little carriage)

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