Guatemala, 1932

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1932 – 1933
Title, 'Costa Rica, Billy the Ant Eater.' Woman's legs and small animal on ground. Title, 'Nicaragua, Where More U.S. Marines were ruined by Boredom like this than were killed by Sandino.' Ox cart. Bird. Title, 'Landing' on the west coast of Central American is an airy processing. San Jose, Guatemala.' Freight hammock. Street (Pearson?), taxis. 'Even in the Capital City itself, Guatemala begins to inundate us with color and intrigue us by its aloofness to European influence. Market. Guatemala City. Poor exposures.
Title card: [Costa Rica. Billy the Ant-Eater.] An anteater on a leash, being played with by two women of whom only their feet are shown. Intertitle: 'Nicaragua. Where more U.S. Marines were ruined by BOREDOM like this than were killed by Sandino.' Shot of a man leading an ox cart past a building. Birds perched on a line of barrels. Closer shot of a man leading an ox cart. Shot down an empty street. Intertitle: '“Landing” on the West coast of Central America is an airy proceeding. San Jose – Guatemala.' People are moved from a ship’s deck to the dock via a basket attached to a crane. A woman walking beside a small train engine going in reverse. Shot of the coastline. The small train engine going down a track along the pier. Intertitle: 'Even in the Capital City itself Guatemala begins to inundate us with color and intrigue us by its aloofness to European influences. Market – Guatemala City.' Shots of women in the market. Intertitle: 'A Guatemaltecan Road Gang in full regalia of red-sleeved shirt, red embroidered sash, embroidered white pans and wide hat with red scarf about it.' A group of men digging in the road. Women carrying baskets on their heads. Men carrying stacks of chairs on their backs. Other shots of people on the road. Intertitle: 'For the Saturday Market a motor launch plied from Tzanjayu (where we were staying) to Atitlan. We were the only Europeans on board. LANDING AT ATITLAN.' People disembarking a boat. People with packs walking beside the water. Intertitle: 'MARKET at ATITLAN. They may not have much to sell but socially speak-ing they have a swell time.' Shots of people marketplace. Intertitle: 'Water Supply at Atitlan.' Women at the lake carrying jars of water on their heads. Intertitle: 'These villages are quite self sufficient, growing all their food as well as the cotton for their garments. WEARVER, SAN ANTONIO PALAPO.' Women weaving on backstrap looms. Intertitle: 'Mostly these women don’t like to be photographed. Note how this man shields them form the camera with his horse.' A woman runs across a stream and up a path, carrying a water jar on her head. A man moves his horse to block the view of other women getting water. Intertitle: 'Across Lake Atitlan we rowed to one of the villages which boast no road of any sort, not even a foot-path. FOUNTAIN at SAN ANTONIO PALAPO.' Women drawing water from a fountain/well. Intertitle: 'INTO THE HIGHLANDS of GUATEMALA. A turn in the mountain road suddenly revealed the Friday Market at SOLALA. Over 4,000 brilliantly clad Guatemaltecans.' Market sellers scooping out grain into baskets. Women sitting beside baskets of wares. Various shots of the market. A woman selling pigs. Various shots of people in the market. Intertitle: 'Ignoring the Spaniard and all his ways the Maya bound for market still carries his merchandise on his back, no matter how great the distance he must travel.' Men carrying stacks of baskets on their backs. Intertitle: 'MARKET at CHICHICASTENANGO.' A man sets down a pack covered in baskets. Wide shots of the market. [End of Reel]

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