[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 55

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NHF Cataloguer's notes for reel 55: (This reel is in color.) Young man in business suit emerges from home. 00:01. Young woman and older man join him. Young woman wears corsage. Three stand together. Lawn. Lawnmower at side. Woman sitting on wood pile throws logs down from pile. She jumps down from pile. Man emerges from garage. Screen door rests on door of pickup truck. Man removes screen door from bed of truck. Writing on door of truck states: 'John W. O'Neill, Builder. 7A Washington Pl. East Orange. Phone OR--3-6167.' 01:01. Woman piles up slabs of wood that she threw down from large pile. Pan. of neat wood pile. Exterior of white wood home. Light green exterior shutters. Man mowing lawn. Woman looks on. Rear shot black car. Side views of car. Man enters car. O2:00. Woman formally dressed stands by trees. She makes a so-what gesture with hands. Middle-aged man, casually dressed, walks forward. He stands by yellow-leafed tree on lake shoreline. Shoreline sign states: 'Budd's Lake'. Waves of lake in motion. Pan. of trees of shoreline dominate simultaneous pan. of lake surface. Lake with mountain side which extends to shoreline. Pan. of mountain side with its trees, semi-sparse shrubbery. Houses in town. Bare trees. Telephone poles. Pov. ride down highway in car. Car motors in front of us. 03:01. We travel over covered bridge with shadows and a patch of light, here and there, predominating. We emerge into light. Highway sign lists distance to various towns: 'Portland 2, Del. Water Gap 6, Stroudsberg 11, Scranton 57......etc.' Exterior of log cabin. Woman carrying case hurries forward. Man meets her at side of cabin. Birthday cake on table. Cat in nearby chair eyes it. Pink light fills screen. Shot indiscernible. Young people in street. They run. Boy vigorously spanks girl. She runs away, rubbing her buttocks. 04:02. Boys follow her down the street. Young man in business suit emerges from home. He joins older man on lawn. Standing side by side, older man points into distance. Older man removes hat. He smokes a cigarette. Young man, woman stand side by side in front of garage door. Woman waves. Exterior of public or commercial building. There is an emblem over the doorway. (Shot wavers, jerks.) Young woman, older man standing on sidewalk. Car parked on street. Two women, two men walking down street. Truck parked nearby states: 'Cole's Express'. Passengers boarding airplane. Side view. Plane's name, 'Buccaneer'. Wing of plane. Wheels. Rear of plane. (Photography a shade faded.) 05:03. Hangars. Landing field. Adjacent buildings. (Overexposure renders discernment difficult.) Exterior of plane. (Photography is now back to normal.) Pink rose in vase on table. Exterior of home. Woman stands inside screen door. She and another woman emerge. Both carry items under their arms. They walk along on sidewalk. (Color a little faded here.) Rear shot walking women. Using item, one woman turns around and waves. 06:00. Two women approach well-shrubberied, green leafed trellis garden area of yard. (Normal color restored.) One woman points in direction of trellis. The women talk. One drops glove. Woman trims foliage. Lake surface. People on raised wooden platform short distance from shore. Woman wades in lake. Someone uses inner tube for float. Bathers on shoreline. Some sit in beach, lawn chairs. Some walk about. All but a few dressed for swimming. Man walks on platform in lake. 07:00. Someone dives off of platform. Boys bathing. Boy dives in from shore. Swimmer paddles forward. (Color just a bit faded now.) Swimmers. Lake surface. Swimmer holds nose. Pov. car ride. We ride past home, trees. (Color normal.) We ride past more trees. Our ride over, woman emerges from car. She straightens her dress, puzzled look on her face. 08:11. Man handling box. It is a trunk or chest. Woman helps him carry it forward. They carry it up exterior staircase. They enter door at top. Group women convened at exterior of home, adjacent to grove of trees. Woman secures suitcase. Ladies enter home through door at top of exterior staircase. Door is unusual as there is no opening or window in it. It is sheer vertical wood with only a handle. Three men similar in appearance. Possibly triplets. Smiling, they walk forward. 09:01. Pickup truck parked in field. Three men on shoreline of lake. Sawhorse in area. Carpentry work being done. Man has hammer. Man chopping piece of wood with axe. Blurry shot. Man with can, soda or beer. Lake with boat skimming surface. Group people assembled at bottom of small wooden bridge. Evergreen tree. Buildings of shoreline. Shot tracks to left. Shoreline foliage, boulders. Woman touches man on shoulder. He turns around. He waves, realizing he's being photographed. Two boys astride exterior of pickup truck. One sits on tireguard. One stands on runningboard. Bed of truck loaded with items. Truck is in motion. Truck stops on shoreline near boulders. Man with hoe pushes at rocks near shoreline. Looks as if fire for barbecue has been lit or is being extinguished. Boys, men on shoreline. 10:02. Man throws seaweed down in area. This may be a clambake. Another man uses pitchfork to add to seaweed pile. Man tears carton apart as fuel for fire. Seafood, clams or lobsters are placed on rocks. Contents of burlap bags are dumped on rocks, fire, steam rises. Boys gather seaweed, place on fire. Men spread tarpaulin over rocks, fire. 11:03. Men lift tarpaulin. Steam rises from fire beneath. People seated on rocks in background near fire. Woman, carrying suitcase, walks in area. Pan. of group, area. Two men. One smokes cigarette. Woman smiles. Man removes object which has been hanging from belt. Men tend fire, using rake, pitchfork. Young man rakes fire with clam hoe. 12:02. Sailboat on lake surface. Large batch of clams. People sitting around. Woman eating. Man relishes clam. People eating clams they've shelled. Woman nibbles ear of corn. Elderly man, woman walking in shrubbery near seashore. Young couple walk in area. Man has tennis racquet. Man hewing down bushes. He uses short-handled scythe. 13:02. Black and white dog joins young man clad for swimming. Group gathered at seashore. Men clad for swimming. Man continues to hew bushes with scythe. Woman, clad in flannel shirt and shorts, runs in yard of home. Couple.(This shot is faded, overexposed.) Two women shake hands. (Photography improved.) Woman walks along carrying pair of boots, items under opposite arm. 14:00. Two women emerge from home. Woman waves while leaning out of upstairs window. Three women. One has slim square box. Young men walk down wooden gangway. Sign above it states: 'Private'. Man on end carries suitcase. Woman, items under arms and in hand, completes procession. Two men emerge from building. One man carries two oars. Man places oars in rowboat. He steps in. His buddy also embarks. Man seated in bow rows. The two traverse lake surface. One man rows while buddy sits. 15:03. Man in motorboat passes the two. He waves. Woman walking down gangway. She loosens boat from its mooring and gets in. She smiles as she starts on excursion. Buildings, parked cars in center of town. Building with picture window which is divided into squares. This is a store, the 'Smiling Cow'. (Cataloguer believes that this is located in Camden, Maine.) Main Street of town. Cop, cars, couple walk across street. Pan. of stores, commercial buildings, some with awning. 16:01. Car going down street. Majestic colonial building with white supporting pillars. Many boats moored, sitting in harbor. Woman, carrying case, walks down gangway. She places case in motorboat. Passenger boat. Looks like large cabin cruiser. Ride down harbor. Yacht. Shoreline buildings. More yachts. 17:01. We change direction and travel left. Back to right. Water surface, varied water craft, buildings of shoreline. Man standing in rowboat. Jutting boulders of shoreline. (Color is just a bit faded in this section of reel.) Flag flying extended from boat. Men playing tennis. Third man looks on. Man leaves court. Buddy replaces him. Game resumes. Woman in background. (End of Reel 55.)

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