[Alan Bemis—home movies] Reel 7

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Donor notes: "Mixed cruise 1941 Reel 2" The yacht "Cirrus" is a Fisher Island Sound class sloop, sail number 11 with a distinctive red hull. She was built at Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, Bristol, RI, in 1930 (originally named Kelpie) and bought by Alan Bemis in 1934 or 1935. There were 14 boats in the class. LOA 44 ft. In 1954, Bemis converted Cirrus to a yawl rig. Bemis owned Cirrus for more than 50 years, sailing her almost exclusively in Maine and Canadian waters. A sister ship "Torch" ( sail number 7) is on display at the Herreshoff Marine Museum, Bristol, RI. The mixed cruise was an annual event of men and women. Favorite sailors accompanying the Bemises over the years included Sid and Kay Shurcliff, Murry and Nora Fairbank, Dwight and Henny Shepler. Views of Cirrus underway from boat ahead, Alan washing sides of boat as it sails along, then taking pictures or film of the boat behind as it comes alongside. Cirrus comes about and sails close by Vieux Corbeau. Shots of several women aboard, sailing Cirrus, including Chapie. Views of Alan at tiller, wearing a wool sportcoat. Fishing weirs seen near boats at anchor, gulls fly around. Vieux Corbeau and another boat sail nearby. Shots sailing in fog, lookout pointing out buoy ahead. Chapie uses binoculars, Alan wears a funny straw hat. Vieux Corbeau almost lost in fog astern, with lookout on bow. Views in stormy and rough weather. High Head cove in Brooklin, Maine, with boats anchored.

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