[Albert Conley--home movies] Reel 46

Littleton, New Hampshire
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Date from edge code on film. // Notes from film tag: 'Battery at Charleston (NC); Cooper River Bridge; Bobby's kids; Martin Camp, Me.; Open bridge; Schooner go thru Southport; Littleton, N.H.; Mountains; Peg & Harold Pemaquid [Me.]; Mountain Scenery en route; Florida House in wind; Tamiami.' // Hair in camera across side of frame for much of beginning of reel and at some other points. // Pan of street. Elderly woman sitting on bench. Pan of Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Dark footage of people outside home. Boy on raft in lake. Road with hills in distance. Motel with sign in front: ìPerkins Motel.î Numerous pans of hills. Couple in rowboat on water. Footage of road and rural scenery taken from moving automobile. Approaching very long, high bridge across water. Likely Sunshine Skyway Bridge over Tampa Bay. Driving in urban area. Pan of racetrack. Palm trees blowing in strong wind. Stormy ocean. Manatee County Beach sign. People swimming in ocean at beach. Pan of beach. Overexposed footage of woman on patio. Man walking on sidewalk toward camera. Gaines Avenue street sign. // Note: The original Sunshine Skyway Bridge was destroyed in 1980 and replaced in 1987 with a new bridge with the same name.

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