[Howard Kane--home movies] Reel 95

United States
Europe, International
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circa 1939
NHF notes as follows. Can/reel/box annotations appear in quotes. Reel 95: (400 ft., dc 1939) 'Hanson #2.' 'Washington, Bd-Bd, Salzburg, Garferri, Jarlsburg, [?]igham, Nuremburg, Paris.' Washington D.C. sightseeing. CU flowers. Gardens in Europe. Switzerland. Salzburg. Paris. Eiffel Tower. Seine.
Color. On board ship, looking over bow. Stormy sky. Sailing vessel stern. Four master, fully rigged. Planes in sky. Two young men (no shirts) in dinghy behind boat. Scratched and dirty film of coastal views. Hollyhocks in house garden behind picket fence. Caribbean views including black band with banjo and CU woman with maraschino cherry. (nice) Performers on board ship. Machias, Maine, views including Ruggles house. Egypt. Washington, DC.

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