Wedding and Hula Hoop Girls--Walter V. Mitton--home movies. Reel 17

Dover, New Hampshire
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Color logo of the Amateur Cinema League followed by titles, 'Thayer and Macdonald,' 'April 26, 1952,' 'I pronounce you man and wife.' Faded color. Bride and groom walk out of church, they kiss, and the bridal party watches them get into car. Title, 'Family and Friends enjoy the Wedding Breakfast,' CU bride and groom (out of focus), many shots of people drinking and chatting, bride and groom pose by the cake and then cut it, people watch and smile. Title, 'May all their troubles be 'little ones', car is decorated with streamers and couple drives away; shot of the wedding announcement at St. Joseph's Church. Title, 'Jerry and Sadie call to help Wilfred and Mary to make up their minds.' Three women and two men stand outside front door, one has a suitcase, couple get into car and drive away (sequence is about 3 minutes). Woman (Phyliss) in Scottish costume: red hat, white frilly shirt with red shirt over it, medals on red shirt, twirls around and poses like a model, then outside by yellow-flowered tree starts doing the 'Highland Fling,' dances on lawn around crossed knives. Also dances in living room with and without crossed knives. Stands with another woman. (about 3 minutes). Two young girls use hula hoops in yard front of a yellow-flowered tree with car behind. CU as they lift their skirts a bit. MS and CU of girls. Pan from steeple to front door of small brick church, bride and groom walk out followed by bridal party, group gathers around blue and white car with fins, then walks around on lawn. Amateur Cinema League logo with spinning globe and The End.

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