[Forrest Colby--home movies] Summer logging

Maine. (?)
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1920 – 1939
Can/box note: 'Pulpwood drive.' NHF cataloguer's notes: 00:50 Camp in summer, long pan of log buildings. Horse crosses, pulling travois-type sled with box on it. Man walks behind. Unloads buckets in front of camp. 01:49 Two men use crosscut saw on felled birch tree. Two-horse team twitches birch logs. 02:26 man uses scaler to measure tree (good shots). 03:13 Stream logs piled on banks. Very large raft of logs (150 ft?) with men on it moves downstream. Two of them use long paddles at stern to steer. 04:20 Man paddles raft, many views of raft and river. 05:24 camp on river. 05:59 views of river, rafts in foreground. Boom of logs moving downstream. Two men come ashore with paddles. 07:21 Birch piled on shore. Conveyor in foreground, large tower in background. 07:50 Birch logs moving up conveyor, chain visible underneath. 08:09 Truck carries man and oars. 08:26 Train in background.

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