Searsmont Bridge Construction--Walter V. Mitton--home movies. Reel 25

Searsmont, Maine
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1952 – 1953
Documents construction of a bridge in Searsmont, Maine. Mostly black and white with very good exposures. Field with cars. A wooden bridge being replaced by modern bridge (steel and concrete). Numerous construction scenes, brief double exposure. Men being served refreshments by women. More construction scenes showing abutments and pilings. Rocks hauled out of stream. Large pipe installed, dirt being dumped. Steam shovel close ups. Views of concrete mixer and of forms. Culvert in place. Moving large rock with chains. Grading approach to bridge. "Kings Oil Company truck sprays oil to keep dust down. Vehicles on roadway while men set up posts along roadside. Dog. White clapboard house in background. View of near-complete bridge. Finishing up in snow, workers below bridge working on surface. Workers playing game of horse-shoes. A steel tower. Dredging operations. Men with shovels, crane. Pan of worksite includes camper trailer. Dog in water fetching sticks. Front loader fills gravel hoppers. Crane lifts generator or pump. Old bridge lumber being hoisted out and machinery being hoisted in. Overviews of logs being hoisted on truck, view of new concrete bridge. Working on guardrails, pan of worksite. Color portion shows the finished bridge with truck going over it. Woman and dog inspect bridge.

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