[Naturalist Films] Tape 3

Acadia National Park, Mount Katahdin, Maine
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1936 – 1946
Untitled educational/cultural films and nature films. // Date range from information in collection folder. // Original footage is 16mm film. // NHF retains video copy. // NHF viewing notes: Humming bird, shot of eggs on forest floor, warbler (?) with hatched chicks, different bird feeding chicks in nest, many shots of different types of nesting birds. Coast with island, pan from sea along cliff-top to people standing at cliff edge, woman pointing stick into cave pool. Dissolve to CU of water, long line of people walking along cliff, lecture by ranger. Visitors on cliff-top pathway, people in cave mouth, view of coast with beach and mountain. Telephoto shot of beach with many sunbathers, crowd of people listening to ranger talk about sea life, waves crashing on rocks, ranger lecturing children at high altitude. Large chick white with black spotted head, bird flying, bare chested man holding chick. Duck in water, woodpecker chick in tree trunk, fed by adult woodpecker. Sunrise/sunset. Hikers, view of mountain, woman in red seen from behind looking at wide vista, man and woman led up trail by guide, views of mountains, hikers and guide. Guide at rest on mountain top, leads couple on trail. Sign: ìKatahdin, terminus of Appalachian trail, A mountain footpath 2056 miles long to Mt. Oglethorpe, Georgia.î Guide and hikers seen behind sign in Baxter State Park. View from mountain toward many islands. Mountain tops covered in cloud, hikers in foreground. Loading pack animal, child hikers making way up mountain, building a cairn, mountain view, raven chicks in nest on cliff face, men with ropes descending cliff face. Man with wooden tripod and Bell and Howell-type camera case. Ravens in nest, man approaches nest, chicks being fed. Rangers descending cliffs, birds carried up cliff in basket, ravens tagged by two rangers.

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