[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 47

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NHF cataloguer's notes (reel numbers assigned by donor or creator): Reel 47: girl fixes snowman; LS snowman; snow around snowman has melted; small clump of snow that was snowman tips over; man takes license plate off car and puts on a new one; girl, father, boy walk up slope, suburbs in background; people walk in between pillars; slow pan of large estate w/ cupola and arboretum; brick archway w/ ivy; another slow pan of estate; pan of large institutional building across body of water; (22:29) girl in driveway tap dancing; kids wearing sailor hats on swings and rings; man and woman sitting on log in grass w/ car in background picnicing w/ girl in foreground; boy sits on log eating; boy, girl, mother, father pose in front of house; LS house, boy and girl come out front steps; girl holds bouquet of red roses and smells one; mother and daughter w/ flowers; wedding crowd on sidewalk, bridesmaids in bright yellow w/ yellow roses; pan of female wedding party; bride; girl on steps of sidewalk joined by brother, girl in scout uniform marches out of garage carrying flag; (25:15) building w/ 'Isle of Springs' sign; two girls and woman loading truck; girl and man in water; people on beach; LS girls in water; man weeding; girl in bathing cap leading other bathers up boardwalk; woman and girls on beach, everyone carries rocks; uncovering canvas on open launch at float; girls walking up ramp; members of party carry rocks to car; kisses good-bye; another picnic party leaves house; LS people in field playing baseball; (31:09) kids on seesaw, adults too; CU girl in Captain's hat w/ fishing drop lines; LS float w/ many boats tied up; view of stern filled w/ people; LS of float, boat, ramp; gathering of people on shoreline; pile of seaweed steaming; man takes lobster out of basket; people sitting on one side of picnic table eating lobster and drinking from tea cups; LS of bridge; POV from boat: (33:15) porch of house w/ two girls and two boys sitting on steps; boy and man play tennis; girl, boy, man w/ luggage on wheelbarrow; dark shot of man climbing down side of water tower; LS of boat in water; MS kids in stern of boat.

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