[Rebecca Freethey Viall--home movies] Reel 2

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circa 1949
'Maine 1948.'
Sign: ‘NO BROOKLIN POST OFFICE’. A car with the license plate: ‘C6669’. A boy checking a mailbox and running down a road. Panning shots of houses and fields. A boy walking down a road. A lake. Two boys, a toddler, and a dog on a basketball court. Boys playing horseshoes. Two boys in a rowboat. Three children and a dog on a beach. Men moving logs onto a barge with ‘No. 22’ on the bow. Children on the shore. A sign: ‘CATERPILLAR HILL’. Panning shot of lake. Two boys rolling a tree stump down a hill. Shots of various people. People playing basketball. A toddler next to a sheep. A toddler next to a chicken coop. A pier. Children on the beach. A house on an island. Houses along the shore. [End of Reel]

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